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K9 Mold Service is Western Pennsylvania’s only Certified Canine Mold Detection Team!

Services and Inspections

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Paul and Kody

Certified Mold Inspection Team

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Sue and Kody

Certified Mold Inspection Team

K9 Mold Service is a full service mold inspection operation. We are Western Pennsylvania's only Certified Canine Mold Detection Team. We perform mold inspections of any dwelling. Our clients receive confidential inspection reports and lab analysis.

K9 Mold Service uses all the latest technology including a Certified Mold Dog™ working with a Certified Mold Inspector to find the source of the mold. Mold Dogs easily find mold that is hidden and/or hard to find and the customer immediately knows where to concentrate on remediation. In many cases lab analysis is not necessary.

Mold Dogs become the most reliable tool for inspections because they are unbiased, more accurate than conventional mold detection devices and certified quarterly!!

K9 Mold Service can provide a variety of inspections from a full inspection which includes visual inspection inside and out with pictures included in a comprehensive report to K9 only searches.











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